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My name is John Campbell and I am

"The Unlucky Rabbit"   


I own and run Unlucky Rabbit Art Studio, a nonprofit studio that supports disabled artist, as well local student artist. My mission is to continue working with a network of organizations in Kansas City on a goal of introducing the community to art. I am a Marine Corps Veteran consistently looking for new ways to introduce veterans and their families to the art world. My key goal in life is to build a foundation for Unlucky Rabbit and give the youth an example to follow by in perusing their artistic goals.

I graduated from UMKC with a bachelors in studio art. I was a featured artist in ”Expressions” 2018 and 2019 art show through the Whole person and continued with the organization to become a committee member in the 2020 Expressions show.


I am devoted to working with artist and helping them build their practice. Along the way, I learn from them and am able to evolve my art skills as well.   

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